H2Bronze Boiler Cover Plans at Northampton H2O 

Northampton H2Bronze Boiler Cover Plan covers 
Boiler and Controls 
Your first service or annual service 
All repairs to: 
A single natural gas boiler or warm-air unit on your property, designed for home use and with a heat output capacity of up to 70kW; 
The flue including the flue terminal, up to 1 metre in length; 
The controls that make the boiler work including the programmer, any thermostats, motorised zone valves and central heating pump; and 
The gas supply pipe 
If we can’t repair the gas supply pipe and/or the controls that make your boiler work, we will replace them 
Not Included 
Accidental damage 
Damage caused by lime scale, sludge or other debris, if we’ve told you before that you need to carry out repairs, improvements or a system flush, but you haven’t done so 
Fixing showers and their parts 
Underfloor heating controls 
Repairing or replacing the flue including the flue terminal if it’s over 1 metre in length 
Repairing or replacing the flue including the flue terminal for any open flued appliances 
Replacing or topping up your system inhibitor unless we’ve removed it 
Any part of your boiler and controls which directly supplies a swimming pool 
Resetting your controls or replacing the batteries 
Repairing or replacing your central heating system 
* A twelve month contract period and subject to an initial system inspection. Full terms and conditions available upon request. 
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